Friday, October 31, 2008

Fear Factor

Yesterday at work, they were having a Fear Factor contest for Halloween. They had six covered bowls and you had to stick your hand in each bowl and guess the contents. I don't know if my brain was working exceptionally well for a change or if my relationship to food has been altered because of the vomit factor in my life, but I was the only one who guessed all the bowls correctly, so I won the contest.

The contents of the bowls were peeled grapes in cold water, cold spaghetti noodles, warm rice, rice pudding with gummy worms, pumpkin guts, and jello with plastic spiders.

For my prize, I won a set of Halloween Cookie Cutters!


Anonymous said...

Dear Migraine Chick,

You reaped the benefits of migrianes, and the side effects (vomitting), and won the contest. Congratulations. Hey, cookie cutters. Now you can bake special cookies. I bet you totally impressed the heck out of all of your co-workers. That's impressive. You were fearless. Totally cool. You can add that skill to your list. I'm impressed. Carolyn

deborah said...

funny - that was the same sort of thing we dd to the kids in my little guy's class - only we told them they were eyes in blood and guts and nasty things. some of them believed us. poor kids. really adult of us, huh. oh, we had dried corn kernals that were childrens teeth. this was NOT my idea. I was just there for the fun as a class Mom. real class act.

Migraine Chick said...

that died corn kernals as children's teeth is pretty funny!

Yes, My Name Is Really Brooklynn said...

Yick! That combo makes my tummy turn ;)