Monday, September 1, 2008

State Fair Chickens

I managed to get myself to The Michigan State Fair this weekend, and once again, I found myself arguing with the chickens in the poultry exhibit. My goal was to get some good chicken pictures, but the darn chickens would not cooperate. Every time, I tried to take their pictures they would either show me their butt or dart around the cage. I think the butt thing was more insulting.

I kept telling them I was on their side. I wasn’t going to eat them! I wasn’t going to use their feathers! But would they listen. I must have taken a couple dozen pictures only to get a couple decent ones.

Here is my best photo. I can't remember if this was a girl or a boy chicken. Now all I need is a good migraine chick tag line. Does anyone have any ideas??


deborah said...

ooh ooh, I do: Does this feather make me look fat??

I always loved the chickens, they're so colorful. My kitchen is roosters. Please send me your pics, I'd love to use the real ones!!

Emily said...

this is a great picture! worth all the trouble, i'm sure. :) i have no great taglines, my head is ironically hurting too much to think.