Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Crown Me!

I finally got my butt to the dentist for my crown on Saturday, after rescheduling two times. I woke up that morning feeling not too swift in the melon department, but I decided to stick it out.

During the procedure, I wore my sunglasses again. It helped a great deal. I think dentist office's should just offer them in the first place! In between x-rays, numbing, drilling and molding, I had the assistant sit me up, because I was hanging out in verp city with a nauseous tummy. There was a scary moment during my last molding where I thought I might chuck and my mouth was basically glued shut. I did some relaxation thoughts like "relax, release and let go" and I managed to get through it.

Afterward, I had a chilled ginger ale waiting for me in the car. I think next time I might listen to an affirmation or relaxation cd in the car during the drive there. I should have my final crown in three weeks. Hopefully that appointment will go better.

Here are my tips so far for a migraine chick getting through a dental appointment:

Wear sunglasses.
Use relaxation techniques.
Ask the assistant to sit you up during pauses.
Try not to spew on the dentist.
Have a ginger ale waiting in the car for afterwards.


deborah said...

you are now an official migraine princess. so to speak. chalk (not to be confused with chuck) that one up to the countless drugs we take to counter the effects of the monster. I won't even tell you how many tiaras I have. that is what I call them. from one princess to another, I hope your day is better.

for me, I ask them to just leave me in one position; the constant up, down, up down, is much more nauseating and giving me the feeling of well, the verp, as you so elegantly put it.

have you tried the new green tea ginger ale? it's awesome!

Kelly, FlywithHope said...

When I go to the dentist, I often listen to my ipod to drown out the noises. I have my relaxation cd on there. I wonder if you could listen to it while you are having your crown put on? Good luck!

deborah said...

I'm sorry the beast is nailing you again. I know how you feel, he dropped in on me again today - and I just had a nice cryo done on Monday. but we are having that nice fall rain and drizzle high humid garbage.

Leslie said...

I was also going to suggest the IPod thing during your appointment. I don't know if that would bother your head or if your doctor wouldn't like it, but it is certainly worth a try. I do that when I'm trying not to concentrate on what's going on (as long as it doesn't disrupt machines, etc.). Hope things are going as well as possible. It has been a while!

Sue said...

Holy moly! Sounds awful!!! Can you take gravol? It might help with the nausea monster during the procedure, and also cause some sleepiness which wouldn't hurt.

Otherwise, the iPod idea is a great one.

Mary Kay said...

I have to say I love your blog..I have referenced it on my site because you have such a great sense of humor about your headaches....Migraine Barbie is the best!

As for the dentist..did you ever try premedicating with a small amount of anti-nausea med about an hour before the procedure? This might help you get through it.

Isaac said...

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