Thursday, August 7, 2008

Tips for Surviving a Bad Pain Day at Work

I’ve been working on a list of tips for myself to get through a bad pain day at work, which I've been especially needing this week. I already called in sick on Monday, and I want to get through the rest of the week without calling in again, but it's been rough.

Here is my list of tips so far:

1) Snack to Distract. I’ve noticed if I’m eating something, my head doesn’t hurt as much. I try to keep the calories down with low calorie snacks, and sometimes, I even just use ice chips, but if it keeps me going.

2) Keep a list of affirmations to read when my spirits are getting low and I think I might snap.

3) Partake in bribery. I tell myself that if I get through this day, I can stop for an iced caramel latte (decaf) on the way home or I tell myself that I can rent a new movie. I just need to promise myself a treat.

4) Use breaks to chill. I try to listen to soothing things on my I-pod during breaks and lunches, like self-hypnosis or guided imagery.

5) Celebrate tea. I drink lots of chamomile tea to keep myself calm.

Does anyone have any other tips that might help?


spud31 said...

Go for a walk. I don't know if you can or not, but we can take a break and go for a walk, which sometimes distracts me from the pain. I just have to be careful not to get overheated!

Heather said...

I do all of those, esp. the snacks, bribery and list of quotes/scriptures to help me. I also visualize myself getting home, getting my meds (if possible) and getting into my bed in the quiet.
I take deep breaths and try to focus on something other than the pain.

emily said...

ugh, i hate that you have to try so hard to get through the workday. i know the feeling.

it's hard to say if the pain was worse or the nausea -- but i think you've probably got tons of tricks for nausea. as for the pain, i needed lots of deep breaths.

PrincessSteph said...

Hi sweety, haven't heard from you in a while. I avoid the snacks with a vengence. The last thing I usually want to do is eat, however some tips that I do do are:
1) I keep 2 icepacks in the freezer at work - one for the kneck, one for the forehead/eyes. I have no shame in sitting with them on my kneck at my desk
2) Ginger Ale and Apple juice - mixed together, helps keep the sugar up and keep things ok
3) sunglasses - not ashamed to wear these at my desk
4) anti-glare screen on my computer moniter is necessary
5) drugs - perscription and pepto bismal amoung others
6) ability to turn my phone off
7) ability and permission to go home if I absolutely need to
8) a decent scense of humor about the whole thing

Hope that you are feeling better,


Migraine Chick said...

Thank you so much for the tips. I'm adding them to my list for work!!

Amy said...

I'm big on the bribery one, that is usually what I choose as my coping mechanism. Like Heather commented before me, I also do visualization. That helps a lot more than I thought it would! Most of the time the pain starts and settles in my neck, so I use "Salon Pas" patches (kind of like Bengay patches) and slap those suckers all over my neck. If needed, I also use this ice bag that you can either freeze or microwave then slip it into a cover that ties around your neck. Last thing--a regular Coke or Pepsi helps a lot, probably more mind over matter, but it helps my head and my stomach.