Monday, July 21, 2008

A Fudgie Dilemma

During my vacation, I was tempted to try the chocolate fudge on Mackinac Island. The island is know for it’s fudge, and there are a bunch of places to buy it, including Joann’s Fudge, May’s Candy Shops, Murdicks, Murray Hotel Fudge and Ryba’s. The locals even call the tourists “fudgies.”

Last year, I tried a little piece of chocolate fudge during my vacation with no adverse effects, but this year I didn’t want to tempt the migraine monster. Still seeing all the fudge being made in the windows and smelling it on the sidewalks as you passed by the stores was too great to ignore. I finally went into Joann’s Fudge where I was pleased to see that there wasn’t only chocolate fudge. Some of the non-chocolate flavors included: Maple, maple pecan, butter pecan, penuche pecan (brown sugar flavor), peanut butter and vanilla pecan.

In the spirit of trying new things, I tried a sample of the penuche pecan and the maple pecan, and I fell in love. They were both wonderful. I would eat these anyway even if I wasn’t avoiding chocolate. I bought slices of both.

Just think, if I wasn’t trying to avoid the migraine monster, I would have never tried them!

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Leslie said...

JoAnn's is by far my favorite fudge place on the Island!!!