Sunday, July 6, 2008

Debbie Downer??

At work, we have to work one holiday a year. Fourth of July was my holiday. I choose an early shift 6:00 AM to 2:30 PM, thinking if I got off early, then I would at least have some time in the afternoon to do something. What I didn't think about was getting up at 4:30 AM with my head acting up so bad. My monthly gift from Mother Nature is ten days late (due to my crazed perimenopause hormones), so my head is going into hormone over drive.

I used my car's cruise control almost the entire drive into work. I was hoping once I got there, I could just collapse on my desk and not get any calls too early. I needed some peace and quiet if I was going to get through this, but the night shift had other ideas. Their Fourth of July potluck was in full swing and they were serving food right at their desks, sans supervisors. There were grilling hot dogs on an indoor grill and sloppy joes were away bubbling in a crock pot.

Ugh. 5:45 am and smelling cooking meat, which for me, being a vegetarian isn't a good thing in the first place, but this was ultra bad with my throbbing noggin. Plus everyone was hopped up on food, festivities and music playing from a radio, so it was loud.

I choked down a verp, turned down the offer of a hot dog with freshly cut onions and fired up my computer, feeling like a right grinch, when everyone else was having so much fun. I really hated feeling like such a negative person on a holiday and then I thought about that SNL sketch with Debbie Downer. Was I becoming her?

To take my mind off the grilling meat and my nausea , I thought about other negative nick names I could call myself besides Debbie Downer: Negative Nelly. Peeved Polly. Grumbling Gertrude. Nauseous Nancy. Sad Sally. Moaning Migraine Chick.

Can you think of any others?


Kim said...

Barfy Betty
Crabby Clara
Miffed Mert
Sensitive to Smells Shelly (say that one 5 times quickly! lol)

I'm sorry that you had to deal with all the hubbub with a headache ~ that bites.


Migraine Chick said...

Oh I love these, especially "Crabby Clara"

rachel said...

Verping Veronica!!

MaxJerz said...

LOL, I *love* Nauseous Nancy. Hope you don't mind if I use it! ;)

Be well,

Anonymous said...

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