Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Summer Buzz

The June Pain-Blog carnival is up at How to Cope with Pain This month’s theme is summer/vacation. Lots of other great reading there, too, including my post about The Golden Rules for Migraines.

Other buzz includes, Migraine Expressions-The Book is going to be released in July. Teri Robert, migraine educator and advocate, provided a lovely foreword and they listed Migraine Chick under the Informational Sites, Blogs, and Forums on the migraine resources page on the Word Metro Press web site.

"A beautiful, hardcover, full-color volume of breathtaking migraine art and intimate prose and poetry. Open this book to enter the world of life with migraine through the art and words of the most precious and trusted sources – those who live in it. This collection of personal expressions from people around the world impacted by this disease illustrates some of the ways millions upon millions of migraineurs and their loved ones feel, love, work and play while trying to manage symptoms and live as well as possible.

Migraine, as horrendous as it can be, does not define who we are; and the poetry, essays, art and photography in this book illuminate the hope, optimism, and accomplishments in our lives as well as the painful, dark and lonely times.

As a platform for migraineurs and their loved ones to share experiences, this book also inherently promotes awareness and a real understanding of migraine and exposes the urgent need for more education, research, and effective treatments."

Through July 1, books can be purchased at a pre-publication price of $25 (retail will be $35) through the Web site, and this first, limited-run shipment will have matte dust jackets. The book is featured on Word Metro Press"


deborah said...

I ordered my book about a month ago when she emailed me; I can't wait to get it!

Migraine Chick said...

I ordered it, too. Can't wait to see it!