Monday, June 23, 2008

The Serial Rescheduler

Since I'm a serial appointment rescheduler due to my migraines, I finally decided I was going to get my ass to the hygienist one way or another on Saturday because I haven't had my teeth cleaned for nine months. I woke up with a bouncing brain and a bouncing stomach to match, so I took all my drugs and I took some things with me to the dentist, including my sleepy eye mask, my I-pod loaded with relaxation music and a can of ginger ale.

The hygienist didn't seem put out at all with my migraine kit. She said lots of people use sunglasses because of the bright lights, so I rigged myself up for my cleaning and I made it through it without chucking on her once.

Afterwards, I sipped my ginger ale to calm my bouncing stomach. I always feel nauseous after a cleaning anyways, so this really helped. The bad news is that I need a crown in July. Who knows how much my migraine kit will really help when they start drilling on my teeth??


Eileen said...

Sweet! Got your appointment in and didn't get odd looks from the hygienist - that rocks!

Too bad for the crown though.

Emily said...

:( i'm sorry you have to do a crown. hope it won't be too painful! i've been kind of paranoid about how all the 7up and ginger ale (for nausea) was affecting my teeth. so i've been using club soda this past month or two, with similar results, and no sugar. i don't know if it works for others, because i think a lot of ppl. need the sugar in combination with the carbonation.

Migraine Chick said...

I usually drink diet pop. I'm not sure if the sugar or all the chemicals are worse. I did ask my dentist about the effects of my throwing up all the time were on my teeth. He said they looked fine, which was a relief.

deborah said...

welcome to the princess club! once you get crowned; you become a princess. other than the incredible amount of time sitting with your mouth open, and being drilled, it's not too terrible. oh, and I am one of those freaks who slides out of the chair and had a fear of the dentist. until I met my dentist. best of luck to you. I usually end up with a migraine afterwards from the anxiety and having my mout opeh for so stinking long. I blame all the ginger ale and night grinding from the seriously intense migraines. oh, not to mention the drugs that dry the mouth - my dentist told me that one. she insists I chew sugar-free gum for that.

Yes, My Name Is Really Brooklynn said...

I want to ask my dentist to wear a different labcoat....maybe a soft brown??? He is nice enough to turn the lights out above for me (absent the one he uses). Good luck with that crown!