Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I Hate Mother Nature!

Just when I think it's bad enough dealing with a squirrel in my head, mother nature comes along and kicks me in the head, too. There have been thunderstorms rolling through the area, which is driving my migraine nuts, and there is a ton of fluffy seeds from cottowood trees floating everywhere in the air, which is setting off a huge sinus attack. Nothing I'm taking drug wise is helping. I feel like I'm trapped in a bad fairy tale like this illustration from artist Scott Altmann.


Anonymous said...

allergies and my migraine can go in tandem. I am sorry you are having a bad go of it. That illustration is pretty narly. But hey, migraines are too. It's good to vent. Hang in there! Do you keep your windows closed at home? In your car? Have you talked about this trigger and how to minimize it with your Doctor? It'd be good to discuss.Jeselle

Eileen said...

Ah thunder storms, the double edged sword in my world! Not only can they make me migraine, but I had my house struck by lightening and lost everything in 2006. Horrible!

I can relate to the things flying around, pressure in the air - just plain yucky!!!!

I love the picture you picked!!! I'm going to go check out more of his work! Thanks for turning me on to it!

Maritime Gypsy said...

I feel your pain, I am in Toronto... and if you're getting the same systems we're getting... batten down the hatches we're in for a bumpy summer!

low pressure systems are the worst, and I did the call centre nightmare for a year before I packed it in and went back to school. no reprieve!

I work in a very good environment and am happy to have found your blog to brood over on the 'black days' on my google calender (a fitting colour)


Pamarian said...

dear Migraine chick..I don't know if my comments were posted. I want you to look into FL-41 rose colored tint on glasses. I just got mine and my daughter has hers ordered. Google John A Moran Eye Center
FL-41..they have been doing research on this tint and migraines. I have a friend who was helped..my glasses are only a week old so too soon to tell..but no migraine in a week!!