Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Golden Rules for Migraines

I am working on my own list of golden rules for migraines. It may seem like most of these are common sense items, but when it comes to chronic pain and trying to survive everyday life with a migraine, most of my common sense seems to go out the window.

Here are my rules so far:

Do not take hot pizza pans out of the oven without being positively sure you are wearing an oven mitt.

When you are slightly nauseous, do not try to eat anything that you wouldn’t mind seeing again slightly digested in the near future.

Do not write out greeting cards during a bad pain day, or you might end up sending your father a greeting card, which is labeled “Dead Dad” instead of “Dear Dad.” (This just happened)

Always take earplugs with you whenever you are going to any type of music event.

During outdoor events like art fairs and strawberry festivals, always bring what I'm now calling The Migraine Protection Trinity with you: Floppy hat, sunglasses and bottled water.

Make sure you check your shampoo bottle before you pour shampoo on your head. You maybe washing your hair with Dove Night Body Wash, and it will take you forever to get that so called calming scent out of your hair.

Do not watch zombie movies right before you go to bed or you may dream about zombies chasing you all night and the increased stress may make your head hurt worse.

Does anyone else have their own rules??


Eileen said...

Do NOT ever - pick up the phone and have a conversation with someone who is not close to you who understands what you are going through. Example: A potential employer.

Yeah, not a good idea, you may sound highly drugged and they will get the wrong idea - then leading to no interview.

Emily said...

well for me, i take earplugs EVERYWHERE.

and i find it's a good plan to have minty gum along all the time -- it works as a first line anti-nausea kind of thing for me.

AND i always have sunglasses with me if i'm out of my house. heh.

Sue said...

Ditto on the minty gum and especially my Migrastick. It can get me through an evening when I start getting that feeling like I'd rather be in bed with ice. The peppermint oil in the Migrastick is just cool enough on the temple to mimic the ice until I get home.

Heather said...

Amen to the earplugs! Even "background" music at restaurants is too loud during a migraine.
I also like the comment about not answering the phone- but for me, mainly to avoid people who do NOT "get it" and say things like "Oh, you have ANOTHER headache...didn't you just have one? Do you ever take Tylenol...that gets rid of mine right away!!!" etc. etc. You know...comments that make you want to take a knife and drive it through THEIR heads!!
One more- always drive your own car to events, etc. so you can make a quick getaway if need be.

Love this post, by the way!

theysaywordscanbleed said...

pray that you dont stand too near an obnoxiously loud passenger on your train ride.

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Gregg said...

I know when I have a migraine I seem to be temporarily retarded, so I'd add the following:

Do not make any life changing decisions.

Do not attempt to operate complex devices.

Do not attempt to follow a cooking recipe.

In general do not attempt anything that requires you to follow directions more than 3 steps long.

Kroshka said...

How about also minimizing outdoor ~ sunlight exposure, any casinos with those fantastic flashy lights and any local Walmart where light bulbs are apparently on the brink of going out and make one feel like one is about to puke then pass out from sheer blinking of the light.

Those are all great Migraine Chick :)

PrincessSteph said...

always carry an array of different over the counter painkillers and a bottle of pepto bismal tablets aloung with your regular migraine prescription.

keep many many many ice packs in freezers where you frequently visit, home, work, friends, family, instant ones in the car

keep a sleep mask in your car for much needed pull over naps

keep air sick bags in all your handbags, you never know when one will come in handy at a cocktail party (sad but true)

hugs, princess

PrincessSteph said...

sorry, I would also add, stop breathing through your nose. smells are a huge trigger. avoid everything smelly

do not talk to any boys that you might have any sort of crush on......deadly things and end of any potential future relationships will end quickly and efficently


Yes, My Name Is Really Brooklynn said...

1) A cool dark room is your friend

2) Telling people you suffer from migraines does not make you weak and helps them understand that no you are not drunk but you are hungover from many-0-pills

3) No matter how hard you try, a migraine will not be friends with you

4) modern medicine knows as much about migraines as they do about the female reproductive system. Thus, listen to yourself first and doctors second.

5) Take your medicine early and have it on you at all times...even if you have to sew into your clothes to get through airport security.

Elena said...

Pay attention to which medicament you're going to take: it could be the wrong one.
For example, medicaments for the sore throat never work for migraine, even if the boxes have the same colour.

Glenn Stewart Coles said...

Here is what I do when I feel a migraine initiating:
-Breath deep
-Relax muscular and body tension
-Stop the Mind Chatter
-Allow pain to release and fade
It may sound simplistic, but each was a skill that required practice. In a sense it is like rebooting a computer, including the clearing of memory. I am happy to say that I no longer experience headaches after 22 years of migraines and cluster headaches. I try to document my experiences at www.headache-mgmt.com
Glenn Stewart Coles