Sunday, June 1, 2008

Conquering the Dreaded Migraine Monster on Vacation

Last year, I was in a huge panic about planning my vacation to Mackinaw Island, Michigan because I was terrified my migraines would ruin my trip. A couple weeks prior, I had a major freak out at a local strawberry festival, where I only lasted 33minutes before I expired and begged my friends to take me home. Luckily, with a little planning and some help from my online friends, I came up with a plan of attack to survive the migraine monster during my trip to Mackinaw Island and it actually worked.

Now I am working on planning another trip in July. This time I’m heading to the west coast of Michigan to see places like Saugatuck, Holland, Grand Haven and Muskegon, and once more, the fear of the dreaded migraine monster ruining my trip is creeping into my thoughts. Therefore, I thought I would dig out my plan of attack from last year and start working on a new one.

This is what I have so far: I need to wear my floppy hat with my dark sunglasses every day. I need to drink lots and lots of water and take frequent breaks. In the morning, I need to drink a juice like a V8 and make sure I eat lots of protein like scrambled eggs. I need to bring snacks like Lunar Bars in my tote bag for a quick fix between meals. Also in my tote bag, I need to bring all my medications, etc…

On top of all this, I need to remind myself every day with my favorite saying, “I do what I can and no more than that.”


baldsue said...

"I do what I can and no more than that"

I like that saying. It's going on my door at work tomorrow.

Your plan seems sound. I hope you can enjoy your vacation and not fret too much about the monster between now and then.

Sue said...

"I do what I can and no more than that" - my therapist calls that Radical Acceptance. I used it on a recent trip out of town and found it very liberating. And I enjoyed the trip a great deal, with no guilt about not keeping up with my travel buddies.

I hope you have a great time!

catmum said...

Good luck, sweetpea, I know well the feeling of dread before planning anything,even minor, never mind major vacation with the threat of migraine ruining all. Sounds like you are well-thought out. One thing to consider though, soy protein seems to be a major migraine trigger, so maybe not the Luna Bars
because that's there protein source. I've switched to some other, non-soy based protein bars with good results.

Anonymous said...

I recently took a mini vacation and used aleve pro-actively as an extra preventative and took short naps mid-day and went to bed early and was mind-ful of the amount of stimulus I could handle in a day. Baths helped too to help with my body temperature crashes. It went well overall. It was a total boost to get a way and see different sites. But I knew going in that I was adding extra triggers. Still, I am glad I went. Packing my ice packs was the smartest thing I brought. Plus, I figured, migraine at home, migraine away, I'm still going to get them. Good luck and have fun. Jeselle

deborah said...

Don't forget the reason you're going - to relax and get away. The stress of causing a migraine trigger may do just that; cause a trigger and ruin part of your vaca.

For myself, I have trouble with the travel part, so I get myself a prescription patch, scopolomine that goes behind my ear to ease off the car sickness. Then on to the next phase, and the next.

Have a great time

ELena said...

Wow, your tote bag looks just like mine ;-)
"I do what I can and no more than that" is great.
I have another belief about migraine and vacations: if I can't stop an occurring migraine crisis I use to say "well... it's better to have a migraine on a vacation than at work.." ...isn't it?