Monday, May 19, 2008

Who is in your Head?

Here I was thinking I was nuts because I think there is a squirrel named Chuck who lives in my head and gives me migraines, when I came across this story on AOL under Strange Body Facts.

"Is it possible for a spider to live inside your ear?

It's not a common occurrence, but small spiders sometimes make a home in your ear. For example, a Greek woman in Athens complained of headaches and a sharp pain in her ear when riding around on her motorbike. Upon examination, her doctor uncovered a spider's web and then a spider. He added that the spider probably enjoyed its stay in her ear because the temperature was ideal for it."

Ugh! I don't think I could cope with a spider living in my ear. I'm so glad Chuck is there to keep them out. By the way, Chuck is having a poker party in my head today with his little friends.


deborah said...

you bet, the squirrel wins. I have a fear of spiders. I would have passed out, literally, had that been me the good ol doc was telling that to

antiquityhill said...

Anybody here old enough to remember the Star Trek movie- Wrath of Khan? In it there was this nasty little creature they put into the ears of some of the crew. It would burrow into their brains and render them controllable. When the victims fought the creature's control, it caused excruciating pain.

I often think of this, except my creature is nastier and includes talons in addition to that pincer mouth. I think it wants out as badly as I want it out. It often moves from one side to the other looking for a way to escape, and when it can't it gets a bit ticked off and throws a temper tantrum. When asleep, it occasionally tries to waken and jerks-- an icepick headache. A cluster headache is when it grabs my eyeballs and tries to push them out of my socket to escape.

Nasty little bugger.

I never named my creature. I name things I'm fond of and that I hope will stick around. My horses get names as do dogs and cats, and even my kids (LOL!). I even nickname my friends. This thing in my head is just "it", "this thing" "the creature" or "the beast".

I'd rather have a spider. :)

Ellen Schnakenberg

Megan Oltman said...

Spider is major ick. I remember Wrath of Khan, Ellen, definitely relate to that too. Some of my migraines don't feel critter-like at all - they're more like some horrid weather system in my head. The ones that squirrel Chuck make me think of are what I call grapefruit spoon migraines. I swear I have little gnomes with those serrated grapefruit spoons, trying to separate my brain from my skull. Or did I tell you that already?

danasaurus said...

Ew I totally remember that Wrath Of Khan ear slug thing.

I have a lumberjack in my head. When he's pissed off (which is often), he whacks at the inside of my skull with his axe. Or sometimes he just stomps his feet or jumps up and down on my brain. Bastard. Some day I'll kill him... someday...

Adrian said...

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