Thursday, May 1, 2008

bad migraine haikus-the sequel

MyMigraineConnection recently had a poetry contest so I decided to enter some of my bad migraine haikus. Alas, they didn't garner any awards or an honorable mention. You can check out the winners at Migraine and Headache Poetry Contest -- Announcing the Winners!

Here is my entry, featuring my latest batch of bad migraine haikus. I even came up with a snappy title to bring the collection together.

Journey Through the Land of the Migraine Haikus

So alone each day
In the invisible pain
My tears go unseen

Migraine monster pain
And no amount of crying
is going to fix it.

My world is falling apart
into a pain filled abyss
What more can I do?

Pill popping rebound
Don’t swallow too many pills
Or your head will hurt

No one notices
My migraine is all the time
Brain interrupted.

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