Thursday, May 29, 2008

My First Interview!

Wego Health interviewed me for their Spotlight feature!!

Spotlight: Migraine Chick

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Comic Roundup

I've been playing with my comics at Strip Generator, and I decided to do a round up. Which one is your favorite? I think I like "who am I?" the most because the misspelling reinforces the broken brain box.

Friday, May 23, 2008

The Baseball Hat Saga

Here is my current tale of woe with my place of employment. It has been going on for the last couple of weeks.

Because I'm so sensitive to floursecent lights because of my migraines, I've been wearing a dark blue (logo free) baseball hat only at my desk to shield my eyes from the lights above me. When our office became business casual, I asked my supervisor about wearing the hat because of my problem. The dress code said baseball hats weren't allowed. He said it was all right, so I've been wearing the hat for the last year and a half.

Now my supervisor has brought it to my attention that I'm violating the dress code. Hats are only allowed on casual days, which are on Fridays. He said he was speaking to human resources about the situation, because he knew about my problem with the lights. I asked him if a doctor's note would solve the problem. He said to get the note, which I got from my new primary care doctor. (She's my rebound doc, not sure if I'm going to stick with her, but she o.k. for now.)

When I gave him the note, he had me call Human Resources to see who I should fax it to. The HR lady said I had to open an ADA claim and I had to speak to our ADA intake nurse. I called the nurse. I explained to her how we had already tried to fix the problem by removing some of the bulbs above me and switching to these pinkish bulbs, but it still wasn't enough. She opened the claim and I had to fax her a signed release form so she could speak directly to my doctor. The note wasn't sufficient. It had to be from my doctor addressed to her. She suggested maybe I should try a dressy hat with a wide brim or a dressy visor instead of the baseball hat, and once she had all the information, she would make a recommendation to Human Resources.

Over the weekend, I found a dressy visor at Kohls, which I brought to work on Monday, and I've been wearing it. Luckily it was on sale for $12.00, and I actually like it because it's a lot more comfortable.

Then I heard back from the ADA Nurse that my new doctor's office wanted 72.00 to send my information to her and my company wouldn't pay the fee. I had to pay it. Since I don't have a spare 72.00 dollars right now, the ADA nurse can't move forward.

Now I'm waiting to hear back from the HR lady who is on vacation until next week to see if she can approve the visor without me opening this ADA claim thing.

As you can imagine, all of this has been really getting on my nerves. First off, why was it o.k. for me to wear the hat for so long and now it's not. The only thing I can figure out is that a couple of other co-workers were wearing baseball hats on business casual days. I'm thinking their supervisor must have told them that they were violating the dress code and they pointed to me saying "Well, she's wearing one!"

Sometimes, I really hate being a cubicle rat trapped in corporate hell!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Headache Art Roundup

These are my current favorite headache art pictures that I've found online. Which one is your favorite? I'm leaning towards the one with the birds, cause that's how I'm feeling today.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Who is in your Head?

Here I was thinking I was nuts because I think there is a squirrel named Chuck who lives in my head and gives me migraines, when I came across this story on AOL under Strange Body Facts.

"Is it possible for a spider to live inside your ear?

It's not a common occurrence, but small spiders sometimes make a home in your ear. For example, a Greek woman in Athens complained of headaches and a sharp pain in her ear when riding around on her motorbike. Upon examination, her doctor uncovered a spider's web and then a spider. He added that the spider probably enjoyed its stay in her ear because the temperature was ideal for it."

Ugh! I don't think I could cope with a spider living in my ear. I'm so glad Chuck is there to keep them out. By the way, Chuck is having a poker party in my head today with his little friends.

Friday, May 16, 2008

The Great Escape

Wow...I was just reading all the comments from my last post. It sounds like migraine peeps sustain a lot of pain from migraine related injuries. It's bad enough that your brain hurts in the first place, but then you get hurt because your brain hurts.

I'm almost back to full speed at work. Luckily, my boss gave me a project to work on while my hand is healing, so I don't have to do that much typing. Still it was hurting like the dickens and with my migraine going into overdrive with spring fever, I've been having another rough week.

I've noticed that when I'm overwhelmed with pain, I frequently find myself thinking like a thirteen year old girl. Most often, my inner goth girl makes an appearance and it's all doom and gloom and the world is ending type of thinking.

This week, I found myself wanting to be a cowgirl. I know it's not a reasonable thought for an adult, but I really wanted to stop being a migraine chick and start being a cowgirl. I know herding cattle may not be the animal rights thing to do and I'm not sure if there is such a thing as a vegan cowgirl, but a girl can dream right?

Monday, May 12, 2008

Migraine Related Injury!

I think I have sustained my first migraine-related injury. I had a really rough week last week with migraine pain and stress at my job, so by the time I got home Friday night, I was so not in the mood to make dinner. I ordered pizza from my favorite local place. They are notorious for taking a long delivery time, but the pizza is extra good so it's worth the wait.

While I'm waiting for the pizza, I warm up the oven with my pizza pan inside. Then once I get the pizza, I chuck it in the oven for fifteen minutes. The bottom gets crispy and the cheese on top gets all melty again.

This time, I pulled the pizza pan from the oven with a hot pad and opened my pizza box. I tried to lift the pizza onto the pan, but the pizza was very floppy. In my migraine fogged brain, I decided to grab the pizza pan and slide it under the pizza. Problem solved. The only thing is that I forgot the hot pad part and just picked up the pan with my bare hand.

Holy crap! Did I burn the shit out of my right hand!! There was lots of screaming, etc...I ended up burning every one of my finger tips, especially my thumb as well as the palm of my hand.

Now there are blisters everywhere, and of course, I'm right handed. It made for an very interesting weekend, but I'm getting better with typing only with my left hand. Today should be very interesting at work.

It just makes me wonder that if I wasn't in a migraine fog, would I have done the same thing? Has anyone else had a migraine-related injury like this?

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Brain Movie Roundup!

Just for giggles, I checked out IMBD for movies with "Brain" in the title. There were 144 partial matches. These are my favorite posters so far! Including The Brain Eaters below.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Brain Eaters

I was home sick yesterday with gigantic migraine pain and I was definately feeling like I was one of the undead. I was hoping a horror movie on tv might cheer me up. With one eye open, I watched The Brain Eaters, a 1950's horror movie. Judging by the name of the movie, I was waiting for some actual brain eating, but alas there was none.

Basically, wet guinea pig looking things with antennas attacked people and they turned their victims into puppet zombies after sticking their antennas into the base of the victim's necks. When they detached, they left a poison that went into the victim's brains and killed them.

"All of the people who have died have bite marks on the back of their necks and it turns out these are the work of parasites.... These turn out to be millions of year old aliens who want to rule the world and have been living underground all this time."

It wasn't a very scary movie at all, but the poster is quite frightening. I think it might make a good migraine mascot. What do you think?

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Thursday, May 1, 2008

bad migraine haikus-the sequel

MyMigraineConnection recently had a poetry contest so I decided to enter some of my bad migraine haikus. Alas, they didn't garner any awards or an honorable mention. You can check out the winners at Migraine and Headache Poetry Contest -- Announcing the Winners!

Here is my entry, featuring my latest batch of bad migraine haikus. I even came up with a snappy title to bring the collection together.

Journey Through the Land of the Migraine Haikus

So alone each day
In the invisible pain
My tears go unseen

Migraine monster pain
And no amount of crying
is going to fix it.

My world is falling apart
into a pain filled abyss
What more can I do?

Pill popping rebound
Don’t swallow too many pills
Or your head will hurt

No one notices
My migraine is all the time
Brain interrupted.