Saturday, April 26, 2008

Impulse Shopping

Recently, I was at my favorite local health food stood, stocking up on vegetarian food, like Tofurky Beer Brauts and rice burgers, when I decided to stop at the smoothie/sandwich counter and try one of their vegetarian sandwiches for dinner.

The line was pretty crowded. I finally got to place my order and as I waited I was sandwiched between a woman who was trying a free hot dandelion drink and a couple who seemed to be at odds with each other. The husband looked like he so not wanted to be there. The woman tried a sample of this honey stuff in a bottle. She put a drop on her wrist with the dropper and licked it off. Then she made a face like she was a little kid who had eaten spinach. Our eyes met. She looked so appalled that I couldn't resist.

"That is not a happy face," I said.

Her husband burst out laughing. She laughed, too. Then he frowned as he was staring off in the distance at the freezer case.

"Is that ice cream?" he asked. "Why does it say Rice Dream? Ice cream made out of the rice. That is just wrong."

As they were discussing the Rice Dream, the dandelion drink lady started waxing poetic about her beverage.

"ohhhh, this is so good," she moaned. "I could just curl up in front of something and lay there all day, but curl up in front of what?"

She kept asking the air what could she curl up in front of, like she had no idea. I was going to say "a fire" when my gaze stopped on a bookshelf. There was a book about Headaches.

I ducked and weaved between these people and snatched it up. It was about alternative headache therapies. I was going to flip through it, but then my sandwich was finished. The clerk wanted me to pay. The line was still chaos. In a total impulse mood, I just slapped it on the counter with the rest of my crap.

I never do this with a book. I have to check it out, like a used car, etc. I didn't even check the size of the font!

So now that I got it home, it looks like it might actually be good. It's called Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide to Headaches Now I'm starting to wonder if Migrainelupe might have had a hand in me finding this book. What are the odds of me spotting it in that line?


Sue said...

Funny how some things just land in your hand at the right time. Be sure to let us know how the book is! I'm always looking for new info...

Connie said...

Please share what you read when you're through. Wanna hear my latest? An elderly woman told me to put cotton behind my ears when having a migraine. She said that to me with a straight face. I was in so much pain I just told her thank you.

harmonious1 said...

Hi there
After reading quite a few of your entries, I found myself wondering if you're watching out for msg. That is my main trigger, followed by chocolate, and velveeta.
Being a vegetarian, you may find many of the packaged foods contain msg. It goes by many, many different names.
Are you making sure to get plenty of methyl-B12?
Also, I got a lot of relief, in terms of fewer migraines, after going gluten-free.
Have a happy day.