Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I'm so not a crafty chick!

Another hobby attempt has bit the dust. Perpetually, I wish I were a crafty chick goddess. I always have these delusions about finding a craft that I will be so good at that I will be able to quit my day job, create works of art, and build an online empire.

I saw a blog about some crocheted cat toys. It looked so easy to make them. All you needed was a hook, some yarn and a cat. I went to Michaels, the arts and crafts store with a coupon, and I bought some yarn and a beginner’s book that included instructions and some hooks.

First off, the abbreviations for all the stitches looked like math to me. I couldn’t decipher the simplest counting. Then I actually tried to do it. It took me twenty minutes to make a slipknot on the hook!

In my fogged brain, I decided to forgo the complicated cat toy and I attempted to make a scarf out of a simple crochet stitch for my cat.

After a week, what I ended up with was a mangled mess, especially around the corners. I still gave it to my cat. (As a toy now) It lay on the floor for three days, untouched. I gave it a burial in my kitchen trash bin, and the yarn and the hook went into my closet with the books I can't read right now.

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Emily said...

i'm sorry it was so frustrating for you! i crochet, and at some point during nearly every project, i hurl it across the room, declaring that my head hurts too much and i can't possibly understand what the instructions are saying.

you're not alone. :)