Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Secret Confession

I don't know if being in constant pain from my migraines has clouded my judgement, but I have a secret confession. I like Tori Spelling. I never watched her during the 90210 years nor have I seen any of her movies. The first time I saw her in something was in her show So NoTORIous on VH1 and it was really cute.

In my quest to find light reading, I came across her autobiography, sTORI Telling, and it's the first book I've read straight through in a while.

I remember on her show on she mentioned got migraines. There was even an episode where she thought she was getting migraines because someone had put the evil eye on her and she went to a Santeria priestess named Mama Belle to get it removed. She also mentions Fiorcet a few times. In her book, she mentions her migraines, too.

So I figure, if she’s a migraine chick, it must be ok to like her.


Diana said...

I must confess, too. I like Tori Spelling. I've liked her ever since she played that nerdy girl love interest of Screech on Saved By The Bell. :)

I had no idea she was a migraineur. That definitely makes me like her even more, though I was really liking her a lot on her "Inn Love" show. Total guilty pleasure.

Tracy said...

I found your blog by researching migraines. I suffer from migraines all the time too.
As sorry as I am to hear that you suffer from them too, I'm so glad that I found your blog!
It's always nice to know you're not alone.

Connie said...

I never thought that I'd like her but after watching a few episodes of her show I thought that she was "genuine". I'll have to check out her book.

I didn't know that she had migraines until you wrote this.

NiSh said...

hey- just came across your blog- and wow- i like tori spelling as well though havent seen much of her after 90210 since my tastes have changed but hey- gotta love someone in the same flock eh? :)