Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Attack of The Worms

Spring is really getting on my nerves this year. Normally, I love spring with the blooming flowers, the buds on the trees and the robins hopping around my front yard, but this year, the weather shifts are doing in my melon. Plus, I have another spring related problem.

I know I’m a big animal lover, but I'm really starting to dislike worms and they are playing havoc with my migraine-induced nausea on my way into work. I have a long hike from the parking lot into my building. Lately it was been warmer and it has been raining so the worms have been waking up from their winter slumber to terrorize me.

They are everywhere on the pavement in various states of squirming and chilling out. It is not so much the sight of them; it’s the smell that does me in. I don’t know about you, but I think stinky wet worms are maybe worse than funky body odor.

You should see me trying to walk into work as I cover my mouth so I don’t barf and I dodge around them on the pavement. I don’t want worm bits stuck in the bottom of my shoes! In addition, I’m going “ugh, yuk, ew!” the entire time. It’s almost like being in a bad horror movie “Attack of the Worms.”

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Christy said...

Hmm, kind of like one of my favorite movies, Tremors, only not any fun. And judging from what you've written about your co-workers, you could never drum up a band of intrepid survivors to help you blast the worms away.