Sunday, March 9, 2008

Chocolate Easter Chicken

A girlfriend took me to her favorite candy store yesterday so she could stock up on Easter Candy. It's called Corden's Chocolates and it has been in business since 1918, and no other candy manufacturer can say that each piece of chocolate passes through the hands of one man.

I couldn't believe all the different chocolate bunnies they had. They even had a bunny on a motorcycle, not to mention the chicks and crosses.

I've been on the fence about chocolate being a trigger for me. A doctor told me several years ago don't eat chocolate because it can trigger a migraine, but I've been experimenting with mixed results. Easter is one of my favorite holiday times because of the candy, and I've been missing chocolate in my basket for a long time. So I said what the hell and I bought myself a chocolate chicken and a bag of foiled wrapped eggs!

If it makes my pain worse, so what. There could be a big weather shift or Aunt Martha might have a hissy fit and clobber me in the head on the same day, and I would be in the same boat. This year I'm having chocolate on Easter!!


deborah said...

good for you! by the way, love the pic! AND, wait, have you tried DARK chocolate???? I've heard it's not the trigger we'ere told it was. Not to mention it's good for the ticker and soul.

justsonya said...

I've found that the higher quality the chocolate, the less likely it is to trigger a migraine. Maybe it's the stuff they add to it that's the problem?

Anonymous said...

Corden's has the greatest chocolate on earth! If chocolate is a trigger, than Corden's is definitely worth the migraine.