Friday, February 15, 2008

Migraines and Zombies

You know how I've been watching zombie movies because they make me feel better about having migraines, because at least I'm not a zombie. Well, I started to read a book called The Zen of Zombie: Better Living Through the Undead and it's turning this thought process on its head.

Apparently, zombies live in the now. They don't worry about anything. They have enough for what they need in life except for brains. And they are at peace with themselves (unlike me)

"If you want to become a better person and improve your life, you need to start taking on the habits of zombies."

I don't really want to be undead and eating brains, especially being a vegetarian, but I think living in "the now" is a good idea for a migraine chick.

I did find a website where zombies can buy brains online, much like buying a book on Amazon. It's called

"Some brains are just naturally better, juicier, and formerly smarter than others, and we've got them here at We sell only the highest quality fresh brains, delivered straight to your door. We do the dirty deed so you can spend more time... well... doing whatever the hell it is you zombies do when you're not ripping open people's heads."

I don't know what zombies would think of migraine brains. Perhaps they wouldn't be so tasty with all those drugs in them. I don't think a zombie would pay very much for my brain.


Redbird_100 said...

Hello Migraine Girl,

I found you today after googling "coping strategies for migraine". I'm working contract and have stuggled with 4 days out of 7 of constant migraines. I too show up too work and cope. As for the Zombie idea. Pretty good descripition.

I recommend an old B classic "Chopper Chicks in Zombie Town" for inspirational ideas. Nothing beats the cheese factor.

Regarding the Cloverfield. I too had to pass for exactly the same reason. I guess I can live without it.


Megan Oltman said...

Omigod you had me cracking up! If I had no brain, though, my head would stop hurting, right?