Monday, February 4, 2008

Migraine Chick conquers Cloverfield!

I love going to the movies, but being a migraine chick frequently influences when and what I see. It is a lot like deciding to go to work when I'm feeling rather rough. I have to take into consideration pain levels, nausea, dizziness, sensitivity to sound, etc...

On Saturday, I felt like I finally could tolerate a movie. I’ve really been wanting to see Cloverfield, but when I got to the theatre there was a sign on the window saying that people were experiencing side effects like being on a roller coaster because of the hand held camera work. (Like Blair Witch)

I’ve always been a motion sickness girl. When I was a kid, I found that if we went anywhere remotely exciting, I got sick in the car. Even the Ice Capades was a disaster when I turned my popcorn cup into something disgusting.

Therefore, standing in line, I had to decide if Cloverfield was a puke worthy movie. Did I want to take the chance with my motion sickness problem and my migraine nausea and see this monster movie?

I decided why the hell not. What's the worst that could happen? I could puke. I puke all the time. Why not puke for something worthy?

The movie turned out to be very loud, and the hand held camera work was nauseating, but I found if I looked away every so often and during the really jerky scenes, it was livable. In addition, I kept closing my eyes during the horrific stuff, too. (Which I do anyway)

By the end of the movie, I hadn’t gotten sick once! I was so proud of myself. Sure I probably only saw 85% of the movie, but at least I got to see it on the big screen. And it was a freakin awesome movie.

Then when I got home, I found some articles online about people getting sick in the theatres, and I felt really proud of myself for making it. Migraine Chick conquers Cloverfield!

Here are a couple of the articles:

What’s Behind ‘Cloverfield’ Illness?

Scary movie making viewers sick


Migraineur said...

I can't watch 3D Imax movies because I can't ever quite get the two images to resolve into one, and that is very nausea inducing. And it doesn't have anything to do with migraine, since I experienced this problem during my long migraine remission.

deborah said...

well ain't we a bunch! 3D IMAX??? I tried that, for about 10 minutes, it was a plane over some ravine. I started to get the typical dizzy, head spinning, loss of sight in one eye thing. nausea soon to follow, screeching of tires and the twinkling of lights. Then I just sort of wobbled my out. holding my head, naturally

I remember my Mom taking me to something similar as a kid, where we stood and looked up, holding a railing. I blacked out and fell. followed by the barf and migraine.

the migraine girl said...

I nixed the idea of going to _Cloverfield_ last weekend for fear it would make me and the Migraineur boyfriend sick. How funny to stumble across your post! Perhaps I'll take your tips and try it anyway. (I'll just make sure I don't sit way up in front...)