Friday, February 29, 2008

Keeping Yourself on Track

Sometimes when I come out of a super bad pain migraine spell, I almost feel as if I’m coming out of a bender, like an out of control party girl like Lindsay Lohan. I’m like “what day is it?” and “who am I?”, staggering around, trying to get my life back together. Other times, it feels like I've been away on a long vacation (a vacation from hell mind you) sorting through my mail, etc..trying to figure out what happened while I was gone.

I was thinking it would be cool to have a handler or a personal assistant who could keep your life together during times like this. She could remind you that you need to drink more water, make those pesky doctor appointments for you, and get your interest lowered on your credit card. There are always things on my To-Do list that take me forever to get done, and I always make these resolutions to do things like meditate and eat better, but then when the bad pain hits, it all goes out the window. And then I have to start all over again. It's exhausting.

Does anyone have any tips on how to keep yourself on track when you're a migraine chick?


catmum said...

yeah, it's tough for sure. I've used lists for years, and also try really hard to stay organized and not let things get too out of order. I prioritize stuff so that if I can only do one or two on the list/pile/basket whatever, it's the most important ones. I also use the rule "will it matter in 100 years?" so that I learn to let go of stuff that doesn't matter as much. I try to keep staples stocked up and put away, so that I know where they are, especially migraine-related important stuff or comfort stuff. I've also always tried to find another migraineur wherever I've lived that understands, and we will trade off when needed for some important help-needed situations. That way, no explanations are needed, and there's no guilt. When I'm feeling okay, I make sure my migraine self-care supplies are in order, fresh and at hand...kind of like earthquake preparedness.
hugs to you

Megan Oltman said...

Hi Chickie - We're thinking along the same lines because I just posted about this today! ("how do you manage life with migraines?" Short version is, like catmum said, it's lists, lists and more lists. did you ever see that movie, "Girl, Interrupted?" I feel like that phrase describes the migraine life perfectly, or maybe it's "Life, Interrupted." Sounds like another post title - shall I write it, or you? :-)
- Megs