Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Not such a Jolly Christmas!

I knew asking Santa Clause for a pain free Christmas was a little foolhardy, but I didn’t think he would actually sent Aunt Flo (my period) to visit me on Christmas Day. Aunt Flo’s visits are the worst migraine time for me. Imagine a migraine fruitcake loaded with pain, pms and depression.

It wasn’t until Christmas and New Year's Eve were actually over and some of the pain had subsided that I was able to look around at the aftermath, and I realized how much my chronic pain had affected the holiday season.

For example, I only managed to make only one type of Christmas cookies this year (from a mix), when I usually make two or three from scratch types. I never wore my Christmas socks nor did I fill up my candy dishes.

I didn’t watch How The Grinch Stole Christmas, Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer or Santa Clause is Coming to Town. I only ended up watching the movie Bad(der) Santa, the unrated version.

I know these are little things, and I should be grateful for what I did manage to do, but to me some of these things mattered.

On top of all this, guess what Santa Clause sent me in the mail on Christmas Eve Day? It was a jury summons notice for later this month.(I had to go Jury Duty two years ago with a migraine and it was a nightmare)


Myth said...

I can relate, hormonal migraines are my peak pain period, because at the same time I have horrible other hormonal symptoms. So not fair. Fortunately, I managed to slip through Christmas day fine on both counts, just not New Years. Still to be migraine free in Christmas, is an amazing feat, to which I am still slightly stunned by.

Cassanndre said...

Aach! No fun! The holidays are busy enough- we need our health! Why is it that migraines don't get the hint and take a hike??
My migraines had me out a bit too while I was visiting family- I must say that figuring out how to throw up in a restaurant wi/out anyone knowing is most definitely an important ninja-skill. :)
But it sure does make life interesting, doesn't it?