Saturday, January 26, 2008

Migraine Mascots Round Up!

My Migraine Mascots keep growing. The Pink Skull with the bow is actually a temporary tattoo I bought from a gumball type machine at the grocery store. I haven't worked up the courage to put it on my skin yet.

The other two mascots are from a myspace friend, Dana, who loves this type of stuff as much as me. Natalie Dee is one of my favorite online comics. Only she would put a saw blade right into a head! It's called customer service with a smile, but I think it's more fitting for a migraine.


Diana said...

Oh, man. Those are so great. I especially love the middle one.

deborah said...

I can relate to the one on the bottom, I had an axe hit me on sunday, followed by the flu in the evening. it's been a great week!