Saturday, January 12, 2008

Migraine Barbie has snapped!

I think Migraine Barbie has finally snapped from the migraine pain. Now she is trying to use a vise like instrument(c-clamp) Uncle Fester did in The Addams Family to get rid of her migraine. I've considered doing this myself, but I haven't found a large enough vise for my melon.


glass pineapple said...

You know you're a true chronic-migraine-sufferer when a photo like this looks comforting.

deborah said...

you know, I've so described this pain! thank you for the picture; now, may I just pass this along to my neuro???

Debbishoe Two said...

You should develop an adjustable vise hat. You could look good and have a migraine at the same time! One with a big brim to keep the light out. Maybe even detachable dark glasses.
I could go on and on.
Loved the pic, thanks.


Sherry said...

My husband came up with a solution to that problem for me. I use to tie a bandanna around my head, but I couldn't ever get it to stay tight. So he brought home a hard hat!! He took the inside out and gave it to me. It is adjustable, so I can get it as tight as I want it. It looks rather silly, but I don't care! It even goes big enough that I can put it on on top of my velcro wrap around ice pack. Now that is an attractive look! ha ha!! I will have to take a photo and send it to you sometime. You'll at least get a laugh out of it!! It really helps me, though. My hubby is a genius sometimes.