Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cafe Chronique!

I recently joined a new online community called Cafe Chronique It's A Chronically Unique Community For Chronique Divas.

"Welcome to the Cafe! Grab a latte & pull up a chair ~ you're in the company of Chronic Divas! Here you can customize your personal Cafe page, blog for public viewing or for friends only, add pictures, video, widgets and more to your profile, post in the forums and even create unique groups for like-minded Chronique Divas! Click the "Invite" tab to welcome all of your Chronique friends to our new community. Thank you for joining us and making this community Chronically Unique!"

Check out my profile page at Migraine Chick. I've already met a lot of new chronic chicks. I think this is going to be a great support site.

There is also a link for Bless This Chick on Cafe Chronique, where you can make your own chronic Diva icon. Here are two icons that I made. I still like my chickie, but these little divas are so cute too!

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MyChronicLife said...

Isn't that place great! I love it over there. I've got to get back there to check out your page.

My Chronic Life