Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bad Migraine Haikus, the dark side

I've been working on writing more bad migraine haikus. This batch is a little depressing. I tend to write them at work when I'm having really bad pain, and I'm gettting emotional toward the end of the day.

No one knows for sure
The depths of my true despair
As my migraine reigns

Ice pick stabbing brain
Splattering sparkling auras
As I start to cry

My head hurts badly
I’ve got so much stuff to do
Daily migraine life


Anonymous said...

my hardest days are when i'm at work with a migraine and it's beyond day 2 and I'm using ultram that isn't working and I'm struggling to stay awake and I just want to go home. The problem is I get these I get these most weeks and to keep my job I gotta suck it up. It's hard. I really really want to be in bed. I am thankful I can sleep through lunch in an office which is a total bonus, I don't know how I could cope without that break. It gets me through the first half of the day and the second half I look forward to going home to sleep (after I take care of our 4 dogs and 3 cats) I love your photos and descriptions of migraine. I think humor helps. I tell my husband I have a boo-boo-headache because it's my name for what I've got that I like better. Best wishes for 2008. carolyn

Migraine Chick said...

I know what it's like to suck it up to keep your job. I wish I could find somewhere to take a sleep break at work during lunch. Maybe I will ask a supervisor if there is somewhere I can take a nap during lunch if I need it.

I like your "boo-boo-headache" name.

Megan Oltman said...

Out of pain, to make
poetry, reaching towards
a higher meaning.

But what is there here?
Pain, rest, then pain repeated
is only boring.

A chicken laughing
brings light, the darkened room, silently bears witness.

(Silly, but what the hey...)
- Megs