Thursday, December 27, 2007

Firing and Hiring Doctors

This maybe a stupid question, but how exactly do you “fire” a doctor? With my recent experiences, I feel this is something I definitely need to start doing, but I’m not sure how to exactly go about it. Do you send your doctor a letter stating that you no longer require their services? Or do you call their office and say you’re discontinuing treatment? Or do you just never go back and forge onto the next doctor?

I did find something cool online that may help me hire a future doctor. There are websites that score doctors. It’s a lot like students scoring their teachers online. You can check out your future doc as well as add your own input about your own experiences. I’m not sure if a doctor would even take these scores into consideration, but I know I’m going to use these websites in the future.

Here are the sites I've found so far. If you know of any others, please let me know.

Doctor Scorecard Doctor ratings, reviews and scores.

Dr. Score Physician Reviews and Ratings. Doctor ratings and reviews.


How to Cope with Pain said...

In my experience, it is helpful to let the office know you won't be coming back. From the doctor's perspective, she/he can close your chart, and doesn't have to do outreach to encourage you to follow up.

From a patient perspective, if you choose, you can nicely say why you're leaving, e.g. too long a wait, care not helpful, etc. Hopefully the doctor chooses to learn from this info, to understand how to be a better doctor.

Diana said...

I've handled that different ways depending on the circumstances. One time I didn't go back, but I think they knew why and weren't going to be suprised.

In your situation, I would definitely send a letter just to reiterate your concerns so they know that is why you're leaving.

MyChronicLife said...

I've done both for similar reasons above. I've heard about the scorecards for doctors and plan on using them. Thankfully I'm doing OK now in the dr. dept. except for some docs who take the holiday off with no answering service or on call service. Yikes!
My Chronic Life

Elaine said...

Interesting question. I guess it depends too on how long you've been seeing the doctor and the extent of the medical records he/she has on you. You certainly want your medical records transferred to a new doctor.

Also keep in mind your insurance provider. If you are leaving a doctor because of poor service or mismanagement of care then definitely tell the insurance company! They need to know that.

Good luck finding a new physician, I know it's not easy...and keep asking people for referrals.

Myth said...

That last site you mentioned was great. Turns out my doctor is a five out of five on there. And I do not deny she is good, just gets fustrated with me and hates paper work.

Anyway I dump doctors by finding new ones. Then I ask my fill to be sent to them and that is that.

Migraine Chick said...

Great Advice! Especially the letting your insurance company know about what's going on. Looks like I need to find write some letters and get my files moved on!

migraineur said...

I'm following this with great interest. I am contemplating firing my GP - nothing big, just a series of little things that have added up in the last year. But I am not feeling up to the task of looking for a new one. Right now I cynically feel they are all the same.

If I do fire her, I will definitely tell her why.

Amy said...

Hi, I just found your blog today and love it! I just wanted to throw in my opinion on this, because I had to fire my neurologist two years ago. She's a very well-known, well-respected, all around great neuro, but she just wasn't doing it for me. I mean, I'd go in complaining of having a migraine 4-5 days out of a 7 day week. She was difficult to get an appointment with, her office staff left my mom in a life-or-death situation, walking the edge of death (I wish I was exaggerating here). I finally had enough, asked my mom's oncologist for a referral to someone else and made the switch. I didn't notify my prior neurologist and went from 4-5 migraines a week to 1 a month. Best thing I ever did for myself.