Monday, December 3, 2007

Chuck The Migraine Squirrel is a hit!

I've been telling my friends and family that a squirrel named Chuck has taken up residence in my head, and he is causing the migraine pain, and guess what? They really like the idea of Chuck. No one has said I'm crazy. In fact, everyone likes Chuck far more than me bathering on about how much my head hurts. I've gotten a better response about him than my describing my actual pain. Some of them have even asked me how Chuck is doing, and they have never asked me how my migraines are doing.

Does anyone think this is bizarre? Is it because it gives them something visual to latch onto? On one level, I think it's truly sad that I have to use Chuck to convey my pain to my friends and family, and on another level, I'm glad because it's opened up some dialogue.

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Migraineur said...

I think Chuck works the same way your blog works - people have a hard time dealing with real human suffering, especially when we can't do anything about it. But if we can make a joke about it in some way (Chuck, Migraine Barbie), it's a little easier to deal with.