Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Christmas Klutz

I’ve still been feeling pretty grinchy about the upcoming holidays with all my migraine pain this year and my bad luck with doctors, so I was thinking about giving the whole Christmas decorating thing a pass.

A dear family friend had other ideas though. He decided I wasn’t going to be green in more ways than one this season. First, he didn’t want me to be a grinch, and he wanted to get me a real Christmas tree this year to cheer me up.

We drove to a Christmas tree farm out in the country. I was feeling dizzy with some pounding pain in my head, but I didn’t want to ruin the trip. I thought I could handle it, but as we were traipsing around the trees, I stumbled on a stump and fell to the ground, bashing my knee.

My friend teasingly called me a “klutz” which hurt my feelings a little.

I said, “No, I’m dizzy because of my migraine. That’s why I fell.”

Then once we got the tree back to the car, I managed to stab my finger on the saw blade. Ouch. There was some blood involved and some minor moaning about pain. Instead of strapping the tree on top of the car, we shoved it into plastic bags like body bags and we slid it inside the car through the trunk with the back seat down. The top of the tree came between the front passenger seats.

I hadn’t considered the tree smell though until we took off. With it being so close to me, it was making me nauseous, but I rolled the window down a bit, rubbed my knee and looked for a bandage in my purse for my finger.

By the time we got to my house, I was positive nothing else could go wrong. In my utility room, my friend went up into my attic to get down my Christmas decorations, and he was handing them down the attic stairs to me. Like a silly girl, I was worried about where a big basket was stashed. I use it to hold all my little Christmas stuffed animals. I climbed up a few steps to see if I could spot it, promptly slipped, fell against the shelf on the wall and landed on the bench below it.

The shelf came crashing down. All the stuff on it went flying. It was chaos. I caught most of my weight on the front of my leg and I wrenched my back, but I wasn't dead.

There was more moaning, but after my injuries were attended to and the Christmas decorations were finally up, I saw that my house was looking quite pretty. The tree smell wasn’t going to be that strong after all, either.

I decided that even with all the chaos caused by migraines, I was glad that I wasn’t giving into the grinchiness of it all. Even when you’re a chronic pain chick, you still need the holidays, but you need to diligently watch where you are walking, avoid saw blades and don’t climb stairs.

It was then my friend gave me a look and shook his head.

“You are such a klutz,” he teased.

“I’m not,” I insisted. “I told you that I’m dizzy today because of my migraine.”

“Well, you’re being dizzy is making you a klutz.”


Emily said...

:( i'm sorry you had a rough day getting the decorating done.

i took a fall yesterday, too, but am thankfully not so bad off.

i agree w/you that even chronic pain gals need the chance to unwind sometimes. i'm glad you have a friend to help you get it done. :)

deborah said...

Grace; that was my name growing up. All along it was just the migraines. When I'm feeling rotten-migrainey; I stay in. Another friend referred to me as a bull in a china shop. That wasn't too far from the truth. Hpe you're feeling better today

Migraineur said...

I hate those days where the best thing you can say is " ... but I wasn't dead." Thanks for that line, it made me giggle.

It's so disorienting when migraine takes away your ability to perform normal tasks smoothly. When I have one, my typing is full of typos. And when I was a kid, I was the county spelling bee champ, so it's not that I can't spell. It's that I can't SEE the typos.

Dianne aka Migraineur

Rick said...

You might appreciate my Dec. 6th post. A little cartoon that I drew that might relate to your holiday mood.