Thursday, November 8, 2007

A Squirrel Named "Chuck"

I think I have finally figured out the root of my migraine problems, and it didn't even take an elaborate medical test or an expensive diagnosis from a specialist. There is a squirrel living in my head and his name is Chuck.

How do I know this? Because time after time, I have described the worst pain in my head as being "squirrelly". Why would such a description pop into my head, if a squirrel wasn't living in it?

It would also explain my intense craving for nuts and my desire to feed the squirrels around my house peanuts on my front porch.

Please don't think I'm crazy, but since the medical community has failed me and they have no more explanations for my migraines than I do, Chuck The Squirrel, is just as good as a possibility.

So if you're a migraineur, what is the name of the critter living inside your head?


deborah said...

wow, there are so many ways you can go with Chuck; like, Upchuck and Chuck U. for fun and all. That last one was regarding your post I just commented on from Doctor Visit from hell, which still has me stressing inside. Freaking idiots.

so the critter living in my head.?? hmmmm. cross between a Ginsu and a Freddy Kruger. you know, never able to completley rest, the screachy sound in the dream stage with those long things on his hands. they go in my ears. i need to barf.

Migraineur said...

Yeah, you're onto something, Deborah. Edward Scissorhands.

deborah said...

THAT'S his name!

Susie B said...

I haven't named him, but I frequently complain about a "little man with a pick-axe" - it's sometimes a drill and sometimes a sledgehammer and always painful

Rachel said...

FYI, you probably already know this... but peanuts are considered a migraine trigger. the worst of all the nuts, apparently.