Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A typical Migraine Chick Week

Well, I'm having a typical migraine chick week so far. I've already had to reschedule another mammogram appointment because of my throbbing migraine, and I had to call sick into work today, because I was afraid to drive to work and I thought I would be a danger to the customers on the phone, making mistakes, etc... so I've been laying comatose in bed for most of the day with my cat.

Last night, I tried to wash my hair. One thing that really sucks about having chronic migraines is washing my hair, because if my head really hurts, then I don't really want to touch it, but sooner or later it has to be done. This time it went horribly wrong. In the shower, I found the shampoo that I had applied to my head was simply not lathering up, so I applied another huge dollop and I added a bunch more water. It was still slime city. Then I realized it didn't smell right either. Instead of fruit it smelled like sandalwood. WTF?

That's when I noticed I was trying to wash my hair with Dove Night Time Body Wash. I use it once in a blue moon if I'm in the mood, but I defiantly wasn't in the mood last night and not with a ton of it on my head.

I had to wash my hair with my regular shampoo twice more before I could get the smell and the slimy sensation out of my hair. I was not a happy Migraine Chick by the time the whole incident was over.


Emily said...

ew, yuck! i guess i'm lucky that washing my hair doesn't bother me -- actually it feels nice to me, the hot water streaming over my head.

deborah said...

ooooh, been there, done that, only with conditioner AND the dreaded needle feeling coming from the shower head screaming oh so very loud, and could they just get ANY more obnoxious?! I still look at the bottles and read, re-read, every. single. time I need to lather, or condittion the mop. Which is always painful.

Hope you feel better

Migraineur said...

Oh - I thought you were going to say that you were using conditioner instead of shampoo. Why do the shampoo and conditioner bottles look the same? Can't they make them different colors or something?

I hope the sandalwood didn't make you feel worse!