Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Soylent Green MRI

I went for my first MRI on my head yesterday. Before I got there, I had visions of being stuck down a long tube in a big machine, after hearing horror stories from other people, but this place had a wide-open MRI. Upon my first impression, I thought it looked cool like it was from a science fiction movie.

As the technician got me ready and I looked around the room more, I started to realize how Soylent Green the whole set up was. In the 1973 movie about the future where people are turned into crackers to feed the human race, there is a scene where an elderly man opts to be euthanized at a sleep center, and he sees motion pictures of earth’s beauty in former times before he dies.

In my MRI room, there was an oval track of pale green calming light on the ceiling. On one wall, there was a projection of a beach with palm trees and boats in the blue water. Before I lay down, she gave me earplugs to put inside my ears. Then she handed me headphones, which I put over my ears. Calming seaside sounds and new age music was playing. As she adjusted my position and then sent me into the machine, I had only one thought.

“I don’t want to be a cracker.”

Forty-five minutes, it was over. Thank goodness, I was still in one piece. She said my doctor should have the results in three to five business days. Great. That gives me almost a week for my over active imagination to dream up bizarre things that might be inside my melon.


Emily said...

sounds like a fairly good experience - for an MRI! i was in the tube (which didn't bother me) with a lot of noise (which did). and they didn't give me earplugs. if i had known how loud it was going to be, i'd have brought my own. :)

my fingers are crossed for you - hopefully there's nothing physically wrong in your noggin!

Migraineur said...

Wow, an MRI without earplugs must be malpractice or something.

My MRI wasn't nearly as atmospheric as yours - the radiation wing at Mass General is under renovation - but I truly couldn't see what the big deal was. I made my husband come with me because so many people told me how scary it was, and I felt rather foolish afterward for inconveniencing him.