Monday, October 22, 2007

Achmed, the new migraine mascot

Saturday night I went to see Jeff Dunham, comedian/ventriloquist, at The Ford Community & Performing Arts Center in Dearborn. I had been fighting medium to hot migraine pain all day, but I really want to go see him because my friends had scored front row seats.

Before the show started, they were blaring loud music and the stage lights were super bright, and I was really starting to think I was going to have to bail, but when he came on stage the music stopped and the lights were turned down.

I thought his funniest dummy was Achmed, the dead terrorist. Achmed is a skeleton-looking character, who is dead but does not know it until Jeff finally convinces him. Then he becomes distraught, looking for his 72 virgins only finding a bunch of "ugly ass guys out there."

As I was watching Achmed, I realized that the dude really looks like he has a migraine and he would be a perfect migraine mascot. A couple times, he looked straight at me. His bizarre eyes bored into mine, and I could have sworn my migraine pain was looking right back at me!

The funny thing is that during the show, I totally forgot about how much my head was hurting. I was aware of it throbbing a couple times, but after the show, the pain went kerpow! It was as if it was saying "how dare you not pay attention to me!"


deborah said...

Good for you!!! You go girl, getting all out there enjoying yourself. I'm so proud of you.

He IS scary.

Anonymous said...

achmed knock knock? who's there? me i kill you

The Advocate06 said...

they always say laughter is the best medicine. He just came to Knoxville last night. My best friend and I went, the show was 3 hours long. I had laughed so much I didnt realize how stiff my body was. All and all well worth the money.