Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Brain That Wouldn't Die

In honor of Halloween, I watched the movie The Brain That Wouldn't Die (thanks to TIVO) last night. I've still been watching a lot of horror movies in an effort to make myself feel better about my migraines.

In the movie, a woman loses her head in an auto accident and her scientist boyfriend manages to keep her head alive with a serum from some experiments he's been doing on transplants. I was thinking that it really sucks to be her and she was pretty pissed off about the whole thing, too.

The kicker is where he goes looking for a body for her. Burlesque Clubs and Cheesecake Photography studios. You could just see him thinking "well, I should upgrade the package while I can." He didn't ask her what type of body she wanted!

As you can guess, the whole thing ends badly. The movie did make me feel better because at least I'm not The Brain That Wouldn't Die. I'd hate to be a head with a migraine and no body.


Diana said...

It could always be worse, couldn't it?!

Happy Halloween! :)

deborah said...

I'm sorry, I'm cracking up thinking, and she didn't just turn the tv off????

But then I remember; the things we do to get rid of the freaking migraines in the first place!!!! is why you're watching the show. Riiiiight. My bad.

Myth said...

The movie that made me laugh about migraines was the Butterfly Effect 2, where a fellow gets these migraines and travels back into his own past, thus messing up his present. I wondered why my migraines give me no special powers.