Saturday, September 22, 2007

More Migraine Mascots!

I've been collecting more pictures of migraine mascots. Here we have "Migraine Mutt" and "Peep This," but I think my favorite right now is Tofu The Vegan Zombie. I'm not sure if he has a migraine or not, but he certainly looks like he has one!

""Tofu" is a friendly zombie, created from a botched experiment in Professor Vost's laboratory. Monkey # 5, one of Vost's lab animals, stuffed a block of tofu into the zombie boy's open skull after accidentally losing the brain. As a result, "Tofu" eats only vegetables and grains and has no taste for human meat. However, if "Tofu" ever loses his "tofu-brain", he turns into a dangerous zombie creature, craving human flesh."


deborah said...

Now, it's possible that "Tofu" is toting trigger foods like feta cheese, which I made the mistake of eating 2 weeks ago; although, very yummy, it bit me back!

Quite entertaining.

Migraineur said...

Oh, I don't like your migraine pup at all! (Sorry.) Ice packs just make my migraines worse. Makes me nauseated and headachy just looking at him.

Emily said...

i love the migraine dog. :) too cute.

JC said...

The migraine dog is adorable! So is the Peep This chick though. The zombie is just freaky - ever see Dawn of the Dead? heh.