Monday, September 10, 2007

Life and Migraine

Over the weekend, I watched the film Life and Migraine that I bought online. It seemed a little expensive at $24.95 at Film Baby, but I told myself how often have I seen an actual documentary about migraines. Here is the description from the website:

"Headache is probably the most common painful illness and also the most misdiagnosed. Life and Migraine tells the story and it empowers the viewer to seek the best care possible.

This documentary presents an accurate view through the eyes of 13 real people who have come to grips with severe headaches. They share their struggles and their successes and they leave you with the message that help is available."

What I really liked was how they not only had interviews from real people with migraines, but they had a composite character go through out her day with a migraine from waking up, going to work, trying to see the doctor and going to the emergency room.

The movie covered losing time from your life because of migraines, absenteeism from work, cognitive problems and mood swings, fuzzy brain, not being taken seriously and being blown off by doctors. They dealt with frustrations at the Emergency Room and only getting temporary relief. It expressed how much a migraine sufferer needs support from friends and family.

The most interesting thing I thought was how they discussed migraines being misdiagnosed as sinus headaches. I had sinus headaches for years before my migraines started, so now I'm wondering if I've had migraines for longer than I thought.

Over the biggest message from the movie was "Be Your Own Advocate."

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Linda said...

I think I might have seen that same film on Discovery Health channel for free. I've been dealing with my migraines for about 15 years and I thought I was having sinus headaches too. MOF, I ruined my stomach with all the OTC drugs I used, just for a little relief. Goody or BC powders will eat the lining out of your stomach. BUT, about 10 years ago I found a neuro in Atlanta that had been out of Emory for a few years and he is wonderful. After living with the pain for years, I started having "migraines with complications." Those complications were seizures. I hope you don't know what it is like to wake up and not know where you are or how you got there. It stinks. The seizures got to the point that my doc forced me to retire at 47. Lucky for me, I worked for the State of Ga. and was able to get a pension. My b/f thought it would be best for us to leave the stress and smog of Atlanta and move to the mts. That's where I got introduced to STUPID ER docs that thought I was in there for the drugs. Don't they know we would do anything to keep from going to an ER? My neuro was so applauded at the way I was being treated that he wrote me a letter to kept in my wallet at all times. A copy of that letter was also sent to the head hosp. honcho and head ER doc. Plus he introduced me to one of his former residents that lives here in Dahlonega, GA. and she is awesome. Between the two of them, I haven't had the sorry service I used to get by the ER staff. I sure hope you can find a neuro that you can trust because that makes all the dif in the world. If you ever need someone to talk to, I'm always here. From one Migraine Chick to Another, I am