Wednesday, August 22, 2007

True Colors

The other night I went to dinner with three co-workers after work. Usually, I’ve found them to be pleasant girls to hang around with at work, but with one beer each in them, they turned into shrill gossip harpies.

They verbally shredded one girl who was just fired because of her absenteeism. She said she was missing a lot of work because of panic attacks, and she hadn’t been employed long enough to qualify for family/medical leave. The gossip harpies said they thought she was faking just so she could take time off work, and she deserved to be fired.

The next victim on their list was a girl who they declared was a psycho, because she’s bi-polar and she forgot to take her meds one day. Someone found her in the stairwell crying. Being someone who frequently cries in the bathroom during bad migraine days, I could totally empathize with this girl’s plight.

I tried to defend these two fellow sufferers, saying panic attacks could be truly disabling and forgetting your meds one day doesn’t make you a psycho.

They looked at me as if I was completely nuts, and then it occurred to me what do they say about me when I’m not there? I miss a lot of work because of my migraines. I’m surprised they even asked me to dinner with the way they were talking about these other girls.

I tried to change the topic, but they were having none of it. One girl even asked, “Who can we talk about next?”

Maybe they were just gossiping for the sport of it, but I think I really saw their true colors during that meal, or maybe with my being a chronic pain chick, I can truly sympathize with people with similar situations.


deborah said...

That's where I would've said, and by the way, I have; "I wonder what it is you say about me when I'm not here," then I'd gather my stuff, leaving them the bill, and walk out. Makes you sick doesn't it; to have been in their company. I'm sorry for you. Maybe they'll end up with something just as bad, or worse. I'm a firm believer in what goes around comes around.

Joanna said...

That is so frustrating... it's tough to have an impression of someone that is positive and have that impression change in an instant.
We just can't worry too much about what others say about us - I have only lost 1 good friend over my whole headache deal, because she was "gossiping" about me to our friends, saying that I was making it up for attention. The others who are important know the truth!

Migraineur said...

Maybe you should gossip about them.

Psst ... hey, did you hear about So-and-So and her pal Such-in-Such? No? Well, it seems they go out for dinner and spend all their time gossiping about other people! Yes, really! They have a bad word for everybody! I think they're just doing it to get attention, but if anybody says something bad about them, you'll find one of them crying like a baby in the women's restroom. It must be sad to have so many insecurities and such a boring life that you need to pick on other people for entertainment. It really makes for a bad atmosphere in the workplace, and I think they ought to be fired.

deborah said...

Oh yeah! THAT"S the one to go for

Migraineur said...

Yes, I'm pretty good at revenge fantasies.

Migraine Chick said...

I like this revenge fantasy a lot. I especially love the crying in the bathroom like a baby part!

Connie said...

Isn't it amazing how we are advocates 24/7? I had a similar situation happen to me where someone knows about my disABILITIES yet chose to talk about people with "issues" who can't seem to get their acts together. I wanted to knock her one.

I say to do the gossipy part. Add that they're psycho too.