Friday, August 3, 2007

Paula Abdul is a Chronic Pain Chick

I've never been a big fan of Paula Abdul. Sure I liked her music when it first came out, but I never bought her albums or followed her career. When I used to watch American Idol, I thought she was one wacky spaced out chick.

So I'm not sure why I started watching her reality show Hey Paula on Bravo. Maybe it was the zombie syndrome thing, where I like to watch zombie movies because they make me feel better, so I can say to myself "at least I'm not a zombie" or "at least I'm not Paula Abdul."

Then came the episode where she discussed how much pain she is in. She has rheumatoid arthritis and she has had a whole bunch of surgeries on her neck. She is a chronic pain chick who just wants to get back to being her old self, and suddenly, I could identify with her emotions and frustrations, etc. I could totally understand wanting to get her old life back, and her wanting to further her career despite her pain.

Her wacky behavior made a lot more sense, cause I feel pretty wacky inside my head sometimes with my chronic pain. I'm just glad I'm not in the public eye like her. (but it would be nice to have a staff like hers to help take care of me)

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deborah said...

yeah, ditto on the staff.

Hey, you get me some Toradol. NOW!! Oh, and an iced coffee with low fat vanilla cream, please.
Thanks, doll.

Sounds like her, doesn't it? No, that actually sounds like ME!!