Monday, August 6, 2007

Migraine Fog

I barely made it through work on Friday because my migraine was so bad, and I was in bed for the entire weekend. Today, I called in sick to work. I can sit up and do little things, but there was no way I could drive myself into work, sit at my desk and be a chirpy call center drone all day.

I wrote this on Friday, trying to capture what I was feeling in the moment at work.

Migraine Fog

I find myself, staring at my computer screen at work, unsure of what I was even doing. Chunks of time drop off the clock, but there is nothing in the void in my mind, no languid daydreams or making plans for the weekend or imagining a midnight tryst with a secret lover. There is just a painful throbbing inside my head. I have to stir myself as if from a deep sleep, although my eyes are wide open, and try to focus on something.

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Joanna said...

:-( Sorry you had to miss work... what you wrote when you were really hurting is something that I could see myself writing about my own pain - it's so fog-like, you're right.
I had to miss the end of a concert on Saturday night because my head hurt so badly and I had to go take some of my "rescue" meds... whether it's work or social stuff, it's hard to be out of the loop and have to miss stuff.