Sunday, July 29, 2007

Our Body, The Universe Within

Inspired by The Chronic Babe article What does a migraine look like? Bodyworlds offers some perpsective by Michelle Milen-Rogovin about The BodyWorlds2 exhibit and migraines, I went to the Detroit Science Center this weekend to see a similar exhibit called Our Body, The Universe Within hoping that I would gain the same insights.

“Our Body: The Universe Within exposes the inner workings of human anatomy by presenting actual human specimens, anatomical displays, reproductions of historic anatomical artwork and much more. By presenting an artful, compelling and dignified environment, guests can connect with the human artifacts on a personal level that helps them to better understand their own bodies”

I had thought about going to see this before, but the squeamish factor kept me away. Since I am a vegetarian, I don’t even like seeing a steak taking a ride on the conveyor belt at the cash register at the grocery store, and I was worried the dead body thing might be too much for me as well. I got a little freaked out at the mummy exhibit at The British Museum once.

Still after reading the article, I thought if I could gain some insight into what’s going on in my head, maybe it might be worth it.

At The Science Center, I looked to see if they might have complimentary barf bags at the entrance, in case you felt sick, but I didn’t see any. Ahead of me in line was a mother with a twelve-year-old boy. He didn’t look nervous at all. I told myself, if he could handle it, I could, too.

The show was tastefully presented with classical music in the background and artistic lighting. Mostly the human artifacts looked like skeletons with salmon filets on them to be honest. I was able to see nerves, tendons, muscles, etc, and a few brains. Some of it was cool, and some of it was gross.

I wish I could say I had a moment of enlightenment during the exhibit, but I felt no bolt of inspirational lightening. I couldn’t say, “This is why head hurts so much.” I wish I could have come home and written a beautiful essay about my insights into migraines like Michelle Melin-Rogovi, but I was just glad that I acted like an adult and I didn’t throw up.

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Barry T. said...

I saw the exhibit also appalled that the Chinese bodies were just that - Chinese. The Chinese government is a notoriously murderous one, widely covered in the news. The subjects were mostly males. It makes me pause and reflect about the Tibetan monks claims of hundreds murdered by China, while China claims they lie.

I believe this ought to be brought to the attention of mainstream media for full investigation, and play the results on the nightly news.

I could not shake the idea that these poor bodies were cut down and sold as cadavers by a callous and greedy government. If there is a single SHRED of truth in that, then this ought to be blown wide open. If not, my apologies. I realize fully there is no shortage of cadavers available. But if that is true, why are these all Chinese instead of a proportionate ratio of Caucasian, black, or Latino or other?

and more females too.

I am strongly moved to write my congressman about this exhibit.
I just wanted to alert you to a potential problem in that regard, since you posted on this exhibit.