Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Great American Hydration Taste Test

I’ve been trying to find the best beverage to stay hydrated during my upcoming vacation, so I’ve been conducting by own taste tests to see what I like best. Mostly, I’m a caffeine free pop kind of girl, except for my recent drama with Glaceau Rescue Water, which has left me mentally scared after they changed their formula.

As I’ve been trying new beverages, I learned that I don’t like Splenda. It gives me this weird tang in my mouth that is hard to describe. It’s not exactly burning, but more like a chemical reaction, and this sensation lingers in my mouth for a very long time.

Therefore, I thought I could avoid it by looking for labels marked with Splenda, but it turns out some vitamin waters like Dasani Plus hide Splenda in their ingredients under the name “sucralose.” I thought Splenda had the trademark but apparently not.

Next, I started trying Gatorades, which I’m mostly tossing into the “yuckville” category. The only one I finished drinking was Gatorade Rain which tasted like a watered down berry coolade. I’m trying to find the lemonade one to see how that tastes.

I’m almost at the point where I wish I could make my own Migraine Chick “migraine blaster” beverage. It would have green tea, chamomile, B vitamins, magnesium and electrolytes. Plus, some pain killers thrown in.


Migraineur said...

Why not just plain water?

Joanna said...

yeah, could you do one of those "just add to a bottle of water" kind of lemonade or iced tea or green tea kinda mixes? They aren't bad at all.

Worst comes to worst, just head on over to Gatorade headquarters with your recipe and ask nicely for them to make a few cases for you :-)

catmum said...

Hi Chickie, long-time migraineur here, run very fast from anything Splenda! worse poison than Nutrasweet. I make my own hydration, cuz that is definitely a surefire trigger for me, complete with aura! I take filtered or spring water, add a tea bag of mint, chamomile or a good quality green tea, some feverfew tincture, and a tiny tiny splash of liquid minerals. A tiny bit of powdered vitamin C too, depends how I'm feeling. I make two of these up in a day, never keep it overnight. I also keep one made up by the bed, small one that I finish off in two nights, with sleepytime tea. I used to get dehydrated at night and would wake up with migraine. It works!

Migraineur said...

Unless you are a professional athlete, you don't need the extra sugar in Gatorade, and most of us don't need the calories. Empty calories are bad, and most bottled beverages are loaded with them.

I'm serious about just plain water. If you think you need extra electrolytes, make sure you eat your fruits and veggies and dairy products (avoiding, of course, any specific thing you know is a trigger). You'll get the same result with fewer calories, more fiber and/or protein, and more additional nutrients.

OK, I'll stop repeating myself now. ;)

Migraineur said...

Oh, OK, I can't resist one more thing - water is free. You don't have to give your hard earned money to the purveyors of sugar disguised as a health food.

Now I'll really shut up.

Migraine Chick said...

I'm starting to think just plain water isn't a bad idea. Maybe I'll drink a V8 in the morning just to give myself a boost with nutrients.