Sunday, July 1, 2007

The Girl with the Giant Melon

I discovered something about myself yesterday that I never knew before. I have a large melon for a head. I embarked on what would soon be a shopping quest with a girlfriend to find a floppy hat to keep the sun off my head during my upcoming vacation.

How do I know it was a quest? My definition for a shopping quest is when I have to go to two more stores to find a particular item.

I went to seven stores at the mall and not one floppy hat fit my head!

Then we decided to go to an Army surplus store thinking we might find something there. Again, nothing fit my head. I tried a boonie hats, Tilley hats, floppy hats, and straw cowboy hats. The only thing that fit me was a metal helmet!

By then, I was completely complex ridden about the size of my melon. I kept saying to my friend “I have a huge melon. This is why I have migraines because my brain and my skull are so large.”

Then she pointed out my hair. I have a lot of hair. It is very thick, wavy and shoulder length. She said my hair was altering the size of my head.

So, I felt a little better, but I still need to find a floppy hat. The quest continues next weekend.


Emily said...

the strange things we learn about ourselves!

i saw a picture of myself the other day and realized i have kind of a big nose! i never noticed before. :)

Migraineur said...

If you can wait for shipping, you might try buying a hat online. You'd need to find a site that sells them by size. Here's a site that tells how you can find your hat size:

Migraineur said...

Ooh, here's one. Not sure if you like it, but it does come in sizes.