Friday, July 13, 2007

Another Stinky Situation

I was finally proactive about a stinky situation at work. Remembering what happened with the "lilac' incident a while back, when a co-worker's flowers were making were making me nauseous when I had a migraine, I decided to do something about another "smelly" situation. Yesterday, a co-worker girl was giving herself a manicure at her desk with fingernail polish remover and nail polish, and once more, I was back in nauseous city.

I thought about saying something directly to her, but she's not the sweet, kindly lady of the office with her grandmother's flowers from her garden. This girl is a little scary, as if she might beat you up in the parking lot after work, so I sent my team leader an email saying, "Can you send out a friendly reminder email about smells in the office. Someone in my direction over here is doing her nails with polish and nail polish remover and it's making me nauseous with my migraine."

Well, it worked. She sent out an email memo saying "Just a friendly note to all to be courteous of your neighbors who may have sensitivity to overbearing scents, odors (primarily heavy perfumes, colognes, nail care products). Please be conscious of using such items as many are allergic or have allergy related issues around such scents/odors."

And the girl put her smelly shit away. Yeah for being proactive!


Migraineur said...

Good for you. (Personally, I can't believe people do their nails at work, unless they actually have an office with a door they can close.)

deborah said...

yeah for you! hey, if you have a Spencer's in your local mall, here's a great suggestion; get some fake poo, put it under Barbie's chair when NOBODY is looking, go back to your work area, just sit and wait for reactrion.

Also at Spencer's; I'm sure you'll find all SORTS of "interesting" um gift ideas there for just such occassions, like oh, icky tasting candy for your jar (for those uninvited hands) or the deep blue dyed candy. Go nuts with that one.

PS - I'm also available for party favors.