Wednesday, June 6, 2007

so far this year

Back in January, I resolved to be more proactive with my migraines, but I'm finding I'm just as frustrated. Not to sound like a Debbie Downer, but here is everything I’ve tried so far this year, and my migraines are no better.

Supplements I’ve tried
Magnesium-I've noticed no difference.
B2-my face gets super hot and my pee turns a toxic yellow color.
Feverfew-no difference.

New Doctors I’ve Tried
One neurologist-she only tried to push topamax on me.
One family doc-she recommended me to a headache clinic I can’t afford.

New Drugs I’ve tried with my regular doc
Maxalt-bad side effects
Fiorinal-panic attack side effects due to the caffeine.

It only made things far worse. Imagine Uncle Fester’s head in a vise on The Addams’ Family, but with no relief.

Books I’ve Read
Breaking the Headache Cycle by Ian Livingstone
What your doctor may not tell you about migraines by Alexander Mauskop
Mastering Pain by Dr. Richard A. Sternback
Migraines for Dummies

CDs I bought for Pain Relief

Relieve Headaches - Health Journeys by Belleruth Naparstek
Chronic Headache by Jean-Luc Mommaerts, MD


Anonymous said...

You might want to try Butterbur...I have migraines also and this has helped me quite a bit. You can get it or order it at the health food store. Get the less expensive as well as the expensive one. Hope this helps.

Marie said...

I was at a lecture where a woman who gets very heavy, and frequent, migraines, said she had gotten much better when she switched to a sugar free diet. It was a quite strict diet, completely eliminating all white sugar. She also said that it's very important to keep your blood sugar levels even.

deborah said...

have you tried CoQ10? I'm up to 300mg a day, took a while to get there to get the effect to show some possibility, worht a shot.

Also for some great comic relief, Paula Kamen - All in My Head. Very good read.

Emily said...

hi there! i'm here from deborah's site - i also have migraines....i got here and started enjoying reading your entries, then i saw you read my site! ha! small world, this. :)

i'll be back for sure, i can completely relate (unfortunately) to the multitudes of meds and noooo results. same story going on with me.

Migraineur said...

Here's some further info about CoQ10 (insert disclaimer about how I'm not a doctor).

I recall reading somewhere that B2 and Mg are thought to be effective is that they work on the same mitochondrial reaction that CoQ10 does. So maybe you need all three in order for them to work.

All I know is that Mg and B2 by themselves don't seem to work for me. And CoQ10 is a lot more expensive than either of them, so I've been reluctant to try.

Migraine Chick said...

Thank you for all the suggestions. I'm going to start a list of new things to try like the CoQ10 and the butterbar. There may be hope!

liberalandproud said...

It's incredibly expensive (I'm one of the millions of uninsured Americans), but imitrex has turned out to be a wonder drug for me. None of the above mentioned supplements ever worked, so I was so glad to find something. Unfortunately, I still tend to wait twelve hours or more before I break down and take one, since they cost more than twenty bucks per pill! Anyway, desperate times . . .

Rhys said...

The only migraine pill that ever works for me is Midrin...and ironically enough, it's the cheapest of them all, about $7.00 for 30 pills. I have GOT to go get my doc to refill that...I've had a migraine for the past week. I'm glad I found this blog.