Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Migraines and Monsters

Last night, I rented the movie Cursed. It's a Wes Craven horror movie from 2005, which stars Christina Ricci where she is attacked by a werewolf and starts turning into one.

"A werewolf loose in Los Angeles changes the lives of three young adults, who, after being mauled by the beast, learn they must kill their attacker if they hope to change their fate to avoid becoming werewolves too."

During the movie, I really found myself relating to her. Having migraines is a lot like someone on the monster track. Your senses change. You become more sensitive to things like smells and light. You have to go hide in the bathroom, cowering in a stall, because ungodly things are coming over you and you make disgusting noises that scare your coworkers. (because you are throwing up)

And you begin living this double life that only another monster can understand. The only difference is that once she killed the werewolf that bit her, she turned back to normal. No such luck for migraine girls.

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deborah said...

excellent analogy. Did I say that right? Sounds wrong. I went to the mailbox this morning and had to check to see if I was dressed. don't you hate days like that??