Friday, June 15, 2007


Not so long ago, I remember a time at work when if I threw up, I immediately went into crises mode and I went home sick. Now being a migraine chick, I’ve found throwing up at work is a commonplace, but still gruesome event. I can get myself to the bathroom and back to my desk, undetected and under the radar, unless someone actually hears me doing the deed in the rest room.

So now, it’s not a matter of throwing up at work, but how many times I yak before I decide to go home sick.

Yesterday, I was so proud of myself. I threw up three times because of migraine and I didn’t home sick. Give a gold star to the Migraine Chick.

Then I thought is this what I've come to. Being proud of something like that. It's actually pretty sad.


HtCwP said...

No, I don't think it's a small thing. I think you succeeded in one of the biggest challenges for us with chronic pain - not letting pain interfere with our lives.

It's saying to yourself that yes, I have migraines, (and excuse me for a moment while I do what I need to do...), but then returning and continuing with your day, i.e. continuing with living your life.

So I think you should be proud! And then we all have to try to do the same thing the next day.

Oh yes, and then there's the challenge of figuring out when we actually should go home and take care of ourselves that way. Not being the suffering martyr, but accepting our limitations! Ahhh, decisions!!

Karyn Mills said...

I feel you pain and your "pride" - I have been there when you bounce back and forth to the restroom to throw up somemore and then back to work again...

It sucks!