Saturday, June 9, 2007

Bad Migraine Day Mascot

So who do you think makes the best Bad Migraine Day Mascot? I used to think Eyore was the best glum mascot in town, but then I came across Grumpy Bear from The Care Bears and I saw the movie Ghost Rider, where Nicolas Cage's head became a fiery skull (much like my head feels most days) so now I'm not sure who makes the best mascot for bad migraine days. There is also my own creation Migraine Barbie. Any thoughts or other recommendations?


Angel said...

Of those three, I like GhostRider too. I can think of Pinhead from Hellraiser as another prime example of what headpain can feel like.

My mascot is in my sidebar, my "irritated brain" LOL

Anonymous said...

OMG! Love the adventures of Migraine Barbie! I'd never thought of 'visualizing' the pain, but what you'er doing is fabulous!