Tuesday, June 19, 2007

33 Minutes

I went to the Belleville Strawberry Festival on Sunday, and I lasted only 33 minutes. One trip down the street of the fair did me in. As soon as I got out of the car and I started walking in the heat, I knew it was going to be bad. My head began banging straight away. It felt like my brain was bouncing off the inside of my forehead.

Still since I was with friends, I thought I would tough it out. I bought a strawberry banana smoothie, thinking it would cool me off. It helped a little, but a few minutes later, the dizziness started in and I almost tripped on the pavement.

I suggested we get something to eat. Maybe some food and a sit down in the shade would stabilize my brain, I thought. I bought a vegetarian pita and finished my smoothie with it. The food was a nice distraction from the pain, but as soon as we were finished and we started walking again, I knew I was heading for migraine zombie land.

I staggered around for a few minutes more, bought some local honey from a booth and announced I needed to call it quits.

I could tell my friends were disappointed, but they said I looked like I was going to expire. One friend even said I looked like shit and they took me home.

So once again, my migraine brain ruined a day out.

I’m really getting worried about my vacation in July. I’m supposed to be going to Mackinaw Island for a few days. How am I going to last under the summer blazing sun at a crowded tourist attraction? Does anyone have any tips for surviving an outdoor day in the heat when you are a migraine chick?


deborah said...

yep, stay pool-side, drink lots and lots of water. and eat a ton of fruit. stay in the shade, if provided. just try to maintain as much coolness as you can. bring your abortives. and naproxin, that's what I've been using to ward them before hand, kind of a pre-cursor. good luck

Joanna said...

Even though I have chronic daily headaches, I can still identify with this problem. I never know if I am going to be able to "survive" an outing or be able to drive without having an insane amount of pain. Definitely do what you can to stay cool, and have your meds on-hand... that's basically what I do. The heat/sun doesn't bring on my pain, but if I already am in pain, it seems to exacerbate it.

I added your blog to my "blog roll" on my site :-) Us headache gals have to stick together!! Don't give up.

Migraineur said...

Hey, there,

I'm so sorry to hear that you can't even enjoy a simple day out.

I was just looking at your list of things you've tried this year. Are you on any kind of preventive therapy (other than the Mg and riboflavin, which in my humble opinion don't do squat)? If you are having migraines that frequently, you sound like a stellar candidate for it.

Emily said...

i can completely relate.

i bring a camp chair, and find some shade. i sit for most of the time, cooling off with a cold drink, and once in a while join in for the activity. (like 10 minutes). then i sit back in my shady comfy place till i feel well enough to join back in.

even though i'm not taking part of the activity, i don't feel like i miss as much b/c i'm sitting there watching everything go down.

claire said...

Food triggers are definitely an issue, compounded with the heat and bright sun. Sorry to hear how it went. Bananas have tyramine, I've found some improvement really limiting intake of tyramine containing foods, as well as regular twice day dosing with Mg, B2, and Butterbur. Stay hydrated, make sure you get frequent small quality protein intake (not soy). best to you

migraineur said...

Gee, I never liked bananas anyway!

been there, done that said...

First time reader.

I get migraines. But I also go to the chiropractor, which helps tremendously. I also use Zomig, huge help too.

Sorry yours seem to be so much worse than mine. As a younger person I used to get the horrible ones, lights out, go to bed for hours, throw up, no noise, nothing, still wake up with a pounding head.

As I've gotten older, they've gotten better, but the chiro and zomig help.

Migraine Chick said...

Thank you for all the advice. Maybe my vacation has a chance with some excellent tips!

Right now my doctor has me taking Inderal as a preventive therapy, but I don't think it is helping that much. I haven't had much luck with triptans because of the side effects.I have started taking butterbar, but I haven't noticed any difference yet.

I am going to use all your advice though, like staying cool by the pool, hanging out in the shade, and drinking lots of water!

Nanner said...

have you tried buying one of those 'instant' ice packs? When you feel the heat bringing on a headache, activate the ice pack. It can do double duty, on the back of neck and/or forehead it can sometimes curtail a headache, and it will also help cool you down!
Good luck!