Monday, May 14, 2007

To Do List Addiction

Ever since my migraines started, I’ve been addicted to “To Do Lists.” Not only do I have to make a daily list, but a monthly list as well.

During bad days, I write down anything I can on my list to make me feel like I’ve accomplished something, like “empty dishwasher” or “scoop the kitty litter box.”

This weekend, I was trying to figure out why these lists make me feel better. I think it's because they make me feel as if I'm in control of something.

Frequently, I'm plagued with “I’m forgetting something” thoughts, especially during the weekend, when I feel I’m forgetting something all the time. The level of importance doesn't matter to my brain. It can be anything from filing a rough finger nail to paying the rent.

In addition, I think it combats the “I can’t get anything done anymore" blues as well. I remember a time when I was working full time, taking three college classes a term at night, taking care of myself and having a social life. Now it's all I can do to work and take care of myself.

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deborah said...

I get you. I was a multi-tasker, and a very good one. With a case(HA!) of OCD and some , shall we say um bacterial issues; anyway. My brain is still wired that way, and I get less and lees done, as I get more and more started. I make myself more stressed and burned out. I'm stressing myself just thinking about it right now. I can barely, barely, take care of myself at times. Let alone my home and family. Thankfully, at those times, at most times, my husband just tells me to take it easy, or take one room at a time. Unfortunately for my brain, the hold wiring comes into play. It's a slow-learning process for me